Friday Perfume

Friday Perfume – Astrology based Perfumes for Friday

Friday known for celestial being, the Shukra (Venus) Planet is the divine giver of colors in personal life. Friday Planet plays major role from the astrological aspect of life and it is a significant part of astrology. So, we are presenting here The Friday Perfume to make your Friday Amazing.

The Friday Perfume:

This Friday Roll on Perfume activates the power of gratitude, and appreciation. The simple act of this perfume is to switch the all negative impact of Venus Planet into positive effect by blend of fragrances and hormonal balanced theory.

Negative impact of Venus is worsening the daily routine of life, office work, and other personal problems. A positive Venus will give you a good life with not much struggle; it will make you beautiful and give you grandeur and richness in life.

This freshly crafted perfume and its incredible healing capability works wonderful on Friday. It makes small batches for quality and fragrances through endless working hours during office time, night or day and other weekdays. You can prefer our other Astrology based Fragrances for other days of week also.

It makes energy, spirit and bounties beaming a day. The heart of legends reveals addictive personality of goodness with refreshing and Long Lasting Roll on Perfume.

Unique Speciality of Friday Perfume:

Astro-Raj brand have initiated different range of Astrological Roll on Perfumes for different requirement and demand in the market from the peoples to use on daily routine to enhance – boost natural fragrance. The natural fragrances / blend of flowers makes you feel so good all the way down to your soul.

It will be easy to wear a perfume all the day. So Main work of these roll on perfumes is to protect you all the day from negative energies and make you positive towards your goals.

Free Astrology

Astro-Raj creates Astrology based Perfumes that correspond to your sun, moon, and rising (ascending) signs, blended together into a glass bottle.

You will receive your Special Celestial Blend in a Beautiful Black Box that carries within it. A Special Scroll with your Unique Blend And perfect inspired by my Love for Astrology and the Universe, this Creation process is unique.

“The scent created for me is divine beyond words. It suits me perfectly and each ingredient not only provides beautiful smell, but deep meaning that resonates with me. I look forward to wearing my scent and to using it in rituals.

Thanks for shopping by my little scented shop!

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