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  • Color: white
  • Weight: 200 Gm
  • Ideal For: Men & Women
  • Occasion: Everyday 
  • Brand: astro-raj
  • Quality: Premium Quality
  • Care Info: Keep this product away from sprays, water and other corrosive liquids
  • Regional Speciality: Indian
  • Material: Banshlochan
  • Shipping Method: Free

Banslochan is used for Weak bones, Wrinkles, Cough, Frizzy hair, Dry skin, Arthritis, Arthritic, Convulsion, Cramps and other conditions.  It is collected from the female bamboo trees nodes for therapeutic uses, as used in Ayurvedic and Unani Medicine. We  delivers you all Natural and Quality products

 1. It Contains Micronutrients Essential For Body.

2. It Is A Tonic And Improves Overall Health.

3. It Removes Obstruction From Mind, Lungs And Heart.

4. It Improves Body Immunity.

5. It Is Diuretic And Cleanses Urinary System.

6. It Cures Brittle Nails, Hairs And Skin Disorders.

7. It Gives Relief In Disorders Of The Chest Or Respiratory Tract.

8. It Has Expectorant Action. It Increases The Bronchial Secretion And Enhance The Expulsion Of Mucus By Air Passages Of The Lungs.

9. It Is Good Aphrodisiac And Stimulates Sexual Desire.

10. It Strengthens Nerves And Muscles.

11. It Increases Potency And Fertility.

12. It Is Carminative And Relieves Flatulence.

13. It Is Used To Treat Weakness, Impotence, Urinary Infections, Chest Diseases, Cough, Asthma And Alzheimers.

14. Since It Is Rich In Organic Silica, It Strengthens Bones, Muscles, Tendons And Nerves.

15. Its Intake Helps Faster Healing Of Fractured Bones.

16. It Shows Beneficial Effects In Chronic Inflammatory Conditions, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Painful Joints, Osteoporosis, And Low Bone Density.


1. Banslochan good for bones  and skin.

2. It is collected from bamboo tress.

3. we delivers good and natural quality products .

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