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10 Foremost Vastu Tips must Followed by Everyone

Good Vastu of home and office not only brings happiness and prosperity but also removes negative energy. Astrologer from Jaipur, Rajasthan Astro-Raj brings here some good vastu tips you must follow to get a good life. If Vastu is said in different words, it is a Vedic astrology, which removes negative energy and flows the positive energy around us. All day we are surrounded by some energy, and this energy helps us to make right and wrong decisions. So what kind of ways or vastu tips should we adopt for positive energy? Why should the Vastu Tips be kept in mind during the time of construction or purchase of home, office or factory?

What are the consequences of not having good vastu of home, office or factory?

Special care of Vastu is kept in the time of house, office or factory construction or purchase. Vastu makes a lot of impact on your way of working and your mind. Hinders your decision and gives negative results in all your actions. Damage to money due to wrong architecture and health is also not good. If the Vastu defect is very deep then the person reaches the mouth of death. If your property is built with all Vastu in mind, then you can take positive tips and get a good life.

What is this Vastu Shastra and how to manage it?

As we have already mentioned, Vastu Shastra brings positive energy to you by removing Negative Energy. It is our job to keep the place sacred where we live or work. According to Vastu Shastra, there is a separate God in every direction of the house, and all these directions determine how the atmosphere will be in the house, how will the health of the members of the house be and how will the economic situation be? e.g. Ishaan Angle or North East is the best place for the worship room, South East Direction is the best place for the kitchen. Good Vastu is very important for the flow of positive energy in the house. Good ventilation, sunlight, direction of air flow, are some common tips for a good vastu.

10 Vastu Tips you must follow:

  • The stairs must always be rotating in the direction of the clock, and the best direction for the stairs is considered south or south west.
  • Do not buy a house or office that is in the toilet or kitchen center.
  • The dining table should never leave empty, we should keep some fruits or vegetables in it.
  • Plant the money plant in the blue color bottle in the north of the house or office, the shortage of money will be overcome.
  • The main door of the house or office should open inward.
  • In the bedroom, the photo of God or religious picture should not be taken.
  • Unloading the shoes slippers outside the house does not allow negative energy to enter the house and the positive energy remains in the house.
  • Do not keep broken utensils in the house, they increase negative energy and become the cause of poverty in the house.
  • Do not keep filthy water out of the house, it stops economic progress.
  • Put a photo of the entire family in the drawing room, mutual mindset will work and love will grow.

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