FIFA World Cup Predictions

FIFA World Cup Predictions Who Will Win 2018 World Cup

As FIFA World Cup is coming near, many Famous Football Players and Analytics are giving FIFA World Cup Predictions for the FIFA World Cup Winner. Hence, it is fact that no team has won this title twice in last 5 years. If we add more excitement in your football love we can say this time we […]

FIFA World Cup Predictions

FIFA World Cup Predictions 2018

2018 FIFA World Cup Predictions for all matches are available by Astro-Raj, You can register for predictions or take FIFA World Cup Predictions over Whatsapp before 2 hours of Match Starting. We are the Best Predictor for Cricket Matches and even predicted many Football tournaments till Now. This Year FIFA World Cup will be much […]

Himachal Pradesh Election

Astrology Prediction of Himachal Pradesh Election 2017

Legislative assembly Himachal Pradesh election 2017 in brought fierce fight between Virbhadra Singh (Congress) and Prem Kumar Dhumal (BJP) . People of Himachal Pradesh already polled in a single phase on 9th Nov, 2017. Actual results of Election to be declared by election commission and on counting date 18th Dec, 2017. They will announce the […]

Gujarat Assembly Elections

Astrology Prediction of Gujarat Assembly Election 2017

Let us read the Gujarat Assembly Election 2017 Astrological Prediction and know the results. The interest level for Gujarat Assembly Election 2017 reaches to extreme high. You can get the Gujarat Election Prediction and know which party will conquer, BJP, Congress or others in this blog. The 14th legislative assembly election of state of Gujarat […]

Astrologer in Jaipur

How To Choose The Right Astrologer?

When you are seeking some good advice in astrology, never ever compromise. We are not talking about the suggestions that come from our family or friends, but the ones that you seek outside your closed circle for example, the astrologers. Here Astro-Raj will explain you How to choose the Right Astrologer? When we are looking […]

Gemstones by Date of Birth

Why It Is Not Wise To Spend On Gemstones Without Any Prior Expert Knowledge?

Gemstones have long fascinated human beings. They not only added colours to our lives but inspired myths, curses, and have even been used as medicine. For example: Turquoise was used by the ancient Egyptians in grinned form to put into a powder for unique blue shadow. Clearly, the humans enjoyed the newness. Gemstones are extracted from […]

Definition of Friendship

Your Circle Of Friends Affect Your Success & Health. Let’s Know More

The people you meet everyday, the friends you speak to and discuss your problems with affect your life in a great deal. As humans, we tend to speak, think and act like the people who we’re constantly in touch with. Whether good or bad, we acquire their habits which, in turn, affect the way our […]

Lucky Colors

Do You Think The Colors You Wear Affect Your Thinking? Let’s Find Out!

They say black brings aggression while red generates passion. Green and blue are said to balance a person’s emotions and efficiency. Research says yes; colour can absolutely affect your mood, behavior and stress levels. Colour specialist Leatrice Eiseman says how colours affect us correlates to that colours behavior in nature. She explains, “We have a […]

Food for Good Health

What Effects Can Food Have On The Way You Think & Vice-Versa

Sometimes we want to eat something sugary or sometimes spices, that we want to put some food in our mouth. It is actually the brain that’s asking for it. Be it a sugar-rush or a savory-craving, it’s the human mind that signals the taste buds and hence, the hunger. Believe it or not, most of time, […]

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