color therapy and outfits

Color Therapy and Outfits

Your Wardrobe determines what impressions you will have on a person today. Outfits that are worn in your daily life show how your mood is today. According to Astrology, these clothes can be beneficial for you or not. When you open your cupboard, to think about which clothes to wear today, it determines your mood. Do you ever get attracted to white clothes and sometimes to blue clothes? There is some reason for all these attractions. What an impression your outfit will bring is under color therapy. You can know your nature, good luck for the day, and much more with color therapy.

Color Therapy and Astrology

Through astrology, you can know what would be beneficial for you to wear any important day? Or if you are in a profession where you have to meet a lot of people or have to talk, how should you wear clothes? What color should you wear on any important day, which will attract your goodluck on your side? All colors have different astrological effects. Choosing the right colors and the right direction is a great benefit of color therapy.

Here we are telling you some colors and their mood accordingly, let’s go to them:

  1. Green – Nurturing and Earthy
  2. Blue – Serenity and Calm
  3. Gray or Black – Invisibility and Blending In
  4. Orange – Energetic and Creative
  5. Pink – Open Heart
  6. Red – Powerful and Confident
  7. Purple – Unique and Special
  8. White – Fresh Outlook – New Beginnings
  9. Yellow – Cheerful and Happy

We can choose what kind of clothes we wear, but how will we know which clothes will remain beneficial for us today? Astrology has its unique answer. You should have seen that the doctor is wearing white or green clothes in the hospital, there is also a reason. White color is a symbol of cleanliness, good mood, and hope. And green color symbolizes peace, hope, and prosperity. All this is the symbol that there is a new day today, hopefully, keep calm and hope that the coming day will be better than yesterday.

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