Emotional Problems Solution

Color Therapy – Physical and Emotional Problems Solution

According to Ayurveda, an ancient holistic health practice of India, any entity is composed with combination of ether, air, fire, water and earth. To be in health and harmony, we have to balance the elements of our body based on the foods we eat. One technique to balance is through Chromo Therapy or Color Therapy. Our mental, emotional and physical states can be greatly influenced by the colors around us – what we wear and what we see. Color therapy is a long term process. By changing the colors that surround ourselves, we can gradually improve our health with Emotional Problems Solution.


7 Color Combinations for Emotional Problems Solution


  1. Some colors are in goodness (Essence). They keep the mind calm, and encourage spiritual growth. Pastels are Moral, such as gold, green, blue, purple, saffron, and white. Monks often wear saffron or white – both Moral colors.
  2. Other colors are in josh (Raza) and can ignite a greater amount of anger, agitation and other emotional feelings. They are bright and attractive, and include red, orange, dark yellow and violet.
  3. Color (tam) breed inertia, and dullness in the dark. They hinder spiritual development. Brown and black colors are vindictive.
  4. Gold is the most Moral color, and is good for all body types. It increases Ojas (an energy source in our body), and thus improves immunity. Gold can increase intelligence and stabilize the mind.
  5. People of Vata Nature (Vayu / Ether) can balance themselves with the colors orange, yellow, green, gold, brown and purple.
  6. Too much white wind can cause anxiety among people of nature. Gold, Blue, White, Brown and Purple color balances People of Pitta Nature (Agni). 
  7. People of Kapa Nature (Earth and Water) do best with red, orange, yellow, green, gold, blue, white, violet and violet colors. If you do not know your Ayurvedic nature, you can ask a physician to take a self-diagnostic test, or look online or look in an Ayurvedic book.

So, the wearing of a specified color outfits can affect you Physical and Emotional balances. If you are suffering from any Emotional Problem or Need a Emotional Problems Solution then you can ask us for the color combination you should use for inner-wears and out-wears.

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