Kundali Matching

Delay in Marriage due to Kundali Matching

Are you in Age of Marriage and not getting married because Kundali is not Matching? Don’t Worry if the Kundali is matched in proper way then it is good to marry. Remedies for Delay in Marriage can lead you to a successful marriage. There are some points that not everyone read about the marriage in Kundali Matching. Generally, Astrologers read the general traits of Kundali and declares that the marriage cannot be done, but there are some traits that not every astrologer knows. Are you sure that if all 36 attributes of Kundali Matching is perfect then there will be no problem?

Everyone wishes for a perfect spouse, for this everyone matches their birth chart (horoscope) for a better future. Horoscope matching means that this marriage can be a happy marriage or not? Actually, I saw some cases in which their traits matched, but they were not happy with each other after marriage.

प्रभु श्री राम और सीता माँ की कुंडली का पूर्ण मिलान किया गया था। उनके 36 गुण मिल गए थे फिर भी उन्हें अपने जीवन में इतनी समस्याओ का सामना करना पड़ा।

Mangal Dosh Marriage

Kundali Matching Astrology:

According to Ancient Astrology Kundali Matching for Marriage not only depends on their traits, the individual Kundali of the persons must be checked. A successful marriage depends on their present and future chart also. लेकिन कुंडली का लोगों ने अध्ययन नहीं किया, उन्हें वर्तमान और भविष्य चार्ट का भी अध्ययन करना चाहिए था। केवल और केवल जन्म कुंडली का ही नहीं।

In Kundali Matching there are 36 traits. Nadi Koota is an important trait, if the Nadi Koota is same for Girl and Boy then there would be problem to conceive or for parenting, it’s a general perception. If you are also suffering for such problems then no need of worry, our astrologer gives you genuinely working tips. Our motive is to solve problems not to create. Our motive is to give a conclusive solution to the marriage problems.

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