Why It Is Not Wise To Spend On Gemstones Without Any Prior Expert Knowledge?

  •  31 August
Gemstones by Date of Birth
Gemstones by Date of BirthGemstones by Date of Birth

Gemstones have long fascinated human beings. They not only added colours to our lives but inspired myths, curses, and have even been used as medicine. For example: Turquoise was used by the ancient Egyptians in its grinded form to put into a powder to provide a unique blue eye shadow. Clearly, the humans enjoyed the newness.

Gemstones are extracted from deep within the earth and this process requires a lot of task. As the supreme-most races, we did our best and discovered a wide variety of coloured stones, both precious and semi-precious available in many colours.

Astrological Effects Of Gemstones

Thanks to the stunning rubies, brilliant diamonds, sparkling sapphires and emeralds, the industry today is blooming. On the flip side, it has become very difficult to establish guidelines in the gemstone market place. Since a large part of the value of a fine gem lies in its scarcity as a rare natural object, jewellers and dealers are sometimes make illegal usage of the supply.

Another challenge faced is the lack of knowledge about the gemstones among the common buyers. It is very important to procure the insights and attributes before investing into something this expensive. The information not only benefits the buyer but also raises the retail bar in the market, benefitting the seller, as well.

In the past, gemstones were treasured as beautiful decorative ornaments, religious symbols, and amulets and good-luck charms. The gems were used for barter and medicinal purposes and were even used as investments by some people. The royal families around the world used them to showcase their power, status and wealth to the competitors. But as fate had it, people began associating it with the supernatural powers. Today, we can see people putting uncountable money to buy a small stone just because it is believed to have some problem-solving power in it. If the myths of some gurus are to be believed, the gemstones can magically change your life into a fairytale where there is only happiness and absolutely no challenges.

This reminds us of an old story that was meant to be for fun but was twisted in a way that the listeners ended up assuming it was about the paranormal powers of the precious gemstone. It goes like:

In 1367, England’s Prince Edward, who was known as the Black Prince, helped a Spanish king win a battle. The grateful king gave him a dark red, irregular gemstone. Legend says King Henry V wore the gem in his helmet crown, and that it saved his life by deflecting a blow in the Battle of Agincourt in 1415.

Gemstones with Health Benefits

All we want to explain here is that don’t let anyone tell you that your success or happiness lies in a stone. Ultimately, it is you who’s going to bring upon a change in your life. In case you wish to wear Gemstones for Astrological Benefits, make sure you consult an expert before buying the stone. Depending on one’s zodiac sign, the Effect of Stones (due to cosmic rays) keep making changes. However, if you wish and adore wearing gemstones as jewellery, go ahead and buy natural gemstones.

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