Election Astrology Result

Election Astrology Result – Haryana and Maharashtra Elections

Elections of Haryana and Maharashtra Assembly were conducted on 21st October 2019. In both states Bhartiya Janta Party was looking so confident to win but now as per exit polls there is a little confusion in their mind on Haryana Assembly Elections 2019. If we look for the Exit Polls Report on Haryana Assembly Elections 2019 then it is saying that BJP and Congress have very tough fight. Election Astrology Result saying that BJP will win in both states. Hence, Experts are saying that BJP will win surely but may be Exit Polls are right?

Astrology Results on Assembly Elections 2019:

Haryana and Maharashtra Election was conducted on 21st Oct. Now all are eagerly waiting for result. There is lots of curiosity among people. That BJP govt. sustain in both state. According to our Astrology Prediction BJP will win in both states. In Haryana Around 43 Seat will be goes in BJP account. Result is coming on 24th October there is Magha Nakshtra which lord is Ket and in Gochar Ketu and Saturn are placed together. In Maharashtra there would be 165-180 seats will be credit in BJP account. To our astrology prediction in both state BJP government come back.

Haryana Assembly Election Astrology Result:

According to Astrology Calculations by Astrologer Astro-Raj BJP has full chance to win Haryana Assembly Election 2019. As per calculations of Astro-Raj BJP will win more than 40 Seats in Haryana and will make government.

Maharashtra Assembly Election Astrology Result:

Maharashtra Assembly Election 2019 Result will declare on 24th October 2019. Astro-Raj has studied all the positions and declared BJP as full house winner in Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2019.

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