Face Reading Astrology

Face Reading Astrology – Complete Analysis with Examples

What is Face Reading?

Face Reading is a ancient technique to analyze a person’s character or characteristics on the calculation through their facial features.


Secrets of Face Reading with Astrology:

Face reading method has been going on in India since ancient times. In olden times, people can analyze nature and character by just looking at face. It is said that your face is a replica of your soul. However, a person can control his face expressions, which is why it is important that anyone who needs face reading must have a natural face expression in his photo. Face reading mainly analyzes the eyes, nose, chin, lips, forehead, and eyebrows.


How to Read Faces?

Face reading is primarily an analysis of your face. Small eyes, long nose, protruding frontal, protruding ears, pointed teeth, round cheeks, thick bumps are some examples from which your face is read. Whether it is wrinkles on the head or the wrinkles of the cheeks, every expression has a different meaning. A proper combination of all of this together reflects your inner character and gives information about you.


What are the things we can find out from face reading?

  1. You can know about your parent’s career and happiness with reading of the hairs on your head
  2. Face Reading allows us to know about career and success
  3. You can know about the character of a person with face reading astrology
  4. Face Reading Astrology is beneficial for Life and Money Predictions
  5. You can know about your life with this amazing technique
  6. Another benefit of face reading is that you can know about your children
  7. Face Reading enables you to know about How you will live at your old age


What are the common Face Shapes?

There are many types of face shapes found all over the world, some of the common face shapes are as follows: Oblong Face, Triangular Face, Square Face, Rectangular Face, Oval Face, and Heart Face. If we are meeting someone for the first time, then there is nothing better than face reading to know about someone. At the time of job interview, first date, business meeting, travel, you can easily know about anyone by face reading.


Parts of Face Reading:

  1. Forehead: A very accurate estimate of man’s luck can be made through Forehead.
  2. Eyebrows: Eyebrows tell you how you have a relationship with your brother, sister, and friends.
  3. Eyes: Your eyes reflect wealth and progress.
  4. Nose: Through the nose, we know the habit of earning money and saving money.
  5. Mouth: Shape of Mouth tells about your talent and Ability.
  6. Ears: Ears larger than normal size indicate your fate and luck.
  7. Cheeks: How will your luck in adult life are estimated from your cheeks.
  8. Chin/Jaw: How will your life be in old age and what will be your relationship with your children? Chin shape is important for this reading.


Characteristics of Different-Different Face Shaped People?

  1. Oval Face Shape Characteristics: High IQ, Perfectionist, Self-critical, Weak physique, Bold, Pioneer, Firm, Obey the rules, Good in decision making, and Great in positions of justice.
  2. Round Face Shape Characteristics: Smart, Diplomatic, Business minded, Adaptable, Reflective, Optimistic, Caring, Sensitive, Intuitive, and Dreamer.
  3. Heart Face Shape Characteristics: Lower physique, Intellectual, Analyzing, Leader, Responsible, Philosophical, Idealistic, and Knowledge is more important than money, Loving, and Generous.
  4. Square Face Shape Characteristics: Down to earth, Methodical, Practical, Seeking stability, Prefer the safe path, Conservative, Prudent, Quiet, Reliable, and Perceptive.
  5. Triangle Face Shape Characteristics: Extroverted, Sociable, People-oriented, Fun personality, Keeps no grudges, Illuminating, Entertaining, Temperamental, Good at networking, and Needs an audience.


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