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Your Circle Of Friends Affect Your Success & Health. Let’s Know More

The people you meet everyday, the friends you speak to and discuss your problems with affect your life in a great deal. As humans, we tend to speak, think and act like the people who we’re constantly in touch with. Whether good or bad, we acquire their habits which, in turn, affect the way our life functions.

Some human studies also suggest that your income level also tends to get affected in the same range as that of your friends. Let us tell you how that works. When you meet your friends, you tend to discuss common issues, go to places of common interests, and share same taste of food and books. This results in calling similar people/things/situations negative or positive.

In case, you think that your life is not on the right track and that you desperately need a shift, it’s time you revaluate your closest relationships. Maybe they are toxic relationships that you have been holding for years generating the negative thoughts in your mind.

Let us tell you of the 6 ways in which you can improve your friends circle in order to be more productive and positive in life.

Make friends with good values

When you meet new people, you automatically get attracted to the ones with positive attitude in life, right? Try to stay in touch with them. Moreover, look for people who hold the humanly acts as their highest values. Such people believe in respecting others and being compassionate to even the strangers. Once you will start living in their company, you will see how quickly your thought process changes.

Frequently meet people who are more educated than you are

While education cannot ultimately describe the traits of a human being, it is evident that education polishes a person to a great extent. If you will meet people who have attained higher education than you have, you will be able to learn new things about various fields. Extremely educated people have so much academic and scholarly knowledge to share which is not bad at all!


Qualities of A Good Friend

Check your comfort level

When you meet your friends, do you feel comfortable with each one of them even if it’s a one-to-one meeting? If not, make a list of people whose company soothe your brain the most and you are able to speak your heart out in front of them. These friends are the people who don’t judge you when you share your personal thoughts with them and hence, you feel a comfort level in their company.

Have friends who have healthy contrasting opinions to your views

Criticism isn’t bad. If you have people in your life who have got healthy and constructive suggestions for you, stick by their side. These people are very important as they challenge you to do something better the next time.

 Choose friends with common goals

Imagine if you have been dreaming of travelling to far-off countries but haven’t been able to but then this friend of yours encourages you to do a trip together? What’s better than that, anyway! People who share the common dreams or goals with you are amazing as they help us overcome the deadlocks that keep us from achieving the goal. Whether it’s sports, music, reading books or cooking, when you share same interests, you can go out and do things together.

Choose friends who celebrate your success

People who get happy when we are happy are the best kind of people in life. Make friends with individuals who don’t get insecure or jealous when you achieve a success. These people are there to celebrate every milestone in your life and stand by your side like a rock. They are the first to say “congratulations!”


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