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Are You 100% Sure Of The Kind Of Medical Help You’re Seeking At The Moment?

World Health Organisation (WHO) has listed Wrong Medication among the top ten reasons behind the rising death rate in India. According to British National Health System 15% of the patients misdiagnosed and die due to wrong medical treatment. Are you sure of the kind of medical help you are seeking on Time?

medical help you are seeking

Talking about the USA, it said that there are 2,000 deaths every year from unnecessary surgery. 7,000 deaths from medication errors in hospitals. 20,000 from other errors in hospitals. 80,000 from infections in hospitals. 106,000 deaths every year from non-error, adverse effects of medications. In all, more than 225,000 deaths occur per year in US due to unintentional medical errors.

Then there are those who never receive nay timely Medical Help on time. Majority of these people suffer Heart Attack, Brain Stroke or Pregnancy Related ProblemsWrong Medication or diagnosis can ruin one’s life forever. It’s doctor’s negligence or misfortune of patient; it is ultimately the person and his family who suffers the after-effects.

Hence, it becomes crucial to create awareness among the doctors, as well as the patients about the unintended medical errors. Indian Government is concerned and introduced the National Initiative on Patient Safety in AIIMS some years ago.

Talking about the wrong treatment in depth, it can be –

  • A wrong analysis of the disease which means failure in recognizing the root cause of the disease.
  • A lack of access to surgery and anesthesia.
  • Inexperienced medical team.
  • Inaccessibility to medical care, especially in the rural areas.

So, how can we make Sure of the kind of medical help you are seeking and we don’t lose a valuable life? Well, it’s simple. Two things Doctor must keep in mind – first, doing the full research based on the symptoms. And Second, learning about the past medical history of the patient. In any case, it is suggested to take the second opinion of someone who holds more experience than you and seek his help.

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Also, it becomes important to not let any religious belief take over science. In many Asian countries and some parts of the West, people believe in the likes of Black Magic more than they do on the doctors or medicines supported by scientific researches. As a professional, it becomes the doctor’s responsibility to educate the patient and help him develop faith in the field of medicine.

Sometimes, patients are too adamant and skip the doctor’s guidance and instead walk on the path of their religious/supernatural belief which, many a time, fails them. Believing blindly in something like this is a mere stupidity on one’s part and can cost him his dear one’s life.

Medical Help you are Seeking

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