Colour Therapy - How Color Therapy can improve Your Life

How Colour Therapy can improve Your Life? | Astro-Raj

Colour Therapy is very helpful in balancing physical and mental health. If told directly, then in colour therapy, you are used colours that make you feel good and you are able to give better results. Colour therapy can be a boon for you if you are suffering from diseases like stress, poor sleep, concentration, brain balance, or blood circulation. How will colours affect you, which colour is suitable for you, and which colour should you wear? All these questions can be answered by only a qualified colour therapist. When colours enter the body as light, they have an effect on the health of your brain, organs, and body system. Different colours are able to relax or stimulate the body and mind.

Here are the colour Impacts You can Check Yourself

Red: Red is the colours with the slowest rate of vibration and the longest wavelength. Known to be able to raise blood pressure, red can strengthen and simulate the body. Our blood contains red blood corpuscles, which provide nourishment to our organs. If you feel very tired wear a red jumper and consciously breathe its energy into your body.

Magenta: Magenta uplifts the spirits and can stop us feeling despondent or frustrated about our lives. Used in excess, it can be almost too relaxing, so use with care if you have an introverted personality or tend towards depression. If facing challenges at work or home and you need to switch off, wrap up in a magenta towel after a long soak in the bath.

Orange: The colour Orange has an energizing feel, promoting, confidence and well being. A wonderful antidepressant, it encourages creativity and passion, and has beneficial effects on digestive and reproductive systems. If you are feeling nervous before and important meeting, hug an orange cushion and absorb its positive energy.

Purple: Shades of Purple have been used to help calm people with nervous or mental imbalances. Purple Colour is a spiritual colour and worn for spiritual peace and awareness. To calm you, place a piece of purple velvet across your brow and relax to soft music.

Yellow: Yellow is an energizing and uplifting colour that encourages positivity and inner power. It strengthens the nervous and digestive systems, calming butterflies in the stomach or stress-related tension in the abdominal area. If you tend to rush your food or eat snacks often, but yellow crockery and see if yours eating habits become healthier.

Blue: The colour blue is cool and calming, inspiring mental clarity and inner peace. Blue Colour calms nervous system and controls the bllod pressure. Deep Blue is also able to stimulate the pituitary gland. To refresh and relax yourself, sit and focus on the blue of the sky while breathing deeply.

Green: Greens is the colour of the nature, which can reconnect us to planet earth, our home. We instinctively lean towards green when in need of balance or harmony, which explains the popularity of gardening. Green is also good for the heart as it aids relaxation. If stressed, place your hands either side of a plant and breathe in its colour and vitality.

Turquoise: This vivid green blue colour, typical of a tropical ocean, is invigorating and calming. The spiritual stone of the Native Americans and ancient Aztecs, turquoise symbolizes truth and aids communication an all levels. Create a collage of photographs of tropical seas. Look at it while relaxing in the bath and try to imagine being there.

Black: Black Colour is is the colour of strength and confidence. That is why your black suit makes you feel powerful. Us black and silver for a glamorous office look.

White: White is a combination of all colors. A white room can soften and illuminate other colors in the spectrum. If you have floor to ceiling windows white walls provide balance.


These are some colour facts you can try for better lifestyle and good mindset. And if you need a consultation from color therapist then you can contact with Rajesh Agarwal, he is experienced in Astrology Consultation in Scientific Manner.