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Know All About How Food Adulteration Harms Our Health

Food is the basic necessity of life. To be able to function every day, humans need food throughout the day to gain energy. In result they can utilize it for doing both mental and physical tasks. Know How Food Adulteration Harms our Health?

From vegetables, fruits to pulses, cereals and even meat, human beings consume all sorts of edible items. While eating varieties of meals, it is important to take care of what goes inside our mouth. It is possible that we might be consuming food containing harmful adulterated substances. And this food is inviting diseases in our life rather than healthiness.

According to Indian law of Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954, an ‘adulterant’ is a material which is or could be employed for the purposes of adulteration. Adulteration is described as: When the food that is not of nature, quality or substance demanded by the purchaser, and contains a substance which affects injurious the nature or quality of the food.

how food adulteration harms our health

Most people living in the urban areas end up consuming food that is met with adulteration. “Adulteration” is a legal term which means that a food product fails to meet a state of perfect standards. Food Product may be injected with foreign substances (adulterants) that can harm the human body. Unnaturally enhance the quantity of the food item in some form – shape, size or colour lies in adulteration. This, many a time, results in the loss of actual quality of the food item. When we buy fruits, vegetables or pulses, we don’t testify its purity level. We cook the meal and consume it, totally unaware of the kinds of diseases it might bring to our life. With adulteration, food loses its natural taste and nutrition. According to studies, these toxic substances can hamper the development of human brain and body.

How Food Adulteration Harms our Health

Every year, people from around the world die of heart failure, liver disorders, kidney disorders, etc. due to food ruination which can be done intentionally or unintentionally. The poisonous chemicals like formalin, colouring dyes, calcium carbide, and urea are widely applied on fish, fruits, meat and added to milk that can result in cancer, asthma and skin diseases upon consumption. On the other hand, adulterant lead increases the chances of paralysis. Urea and dyes cause fatal diseases like cancer, peptic ulcer diseases, and chronic liver diseases including cirrhosis and liver failure, electrolyte imbalance and eventually kidney failure. Heart diseases, blood disorders, neurological impairment, and bone marrow abnormality have also been detected. And if not all this, most people end up developing bizarre allergies.

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