How Overcoming Your Interview Fears Can Help You Crack The Desired Job Interview

We’ve seen so many youngsters who are afraid of appearing for group discussion to get through their desired colleges. Then there are adolescents who skip giving new job interviews and keep lamenting about the present job which they don’t like.  This is all because of the rejection fear, or we can call interview fears.

The fear is deep-rooted that stops us from interacting with people and putting our thoughts in front of other. We try innumerable times to make ourselves confident and comfortable in presence of others. After all, this is what we have been taught at school and by our parents since childhood – to walk with our heads held high. However, It is something that is inside us, it takes long to identify the problem when we repeatedly fail at situations like an interview.

First Interview Tips

Below given are the Steps to Recognize Your Interview Fears: –

• Are you afraid of meeting new people?

• Do you not prefer showing off or talking about your talent?

• Do you lack confidence in the work that you have been doing for years now?

• Do fellow colleagues often tell you ‘you’re not good enough?’

• Do your classmates laugh at you and tell you that you always look apprehensive?

• Are you afraid that others will make fun of your experience/opinion/talent?

• Do you have an ego issue that doesn’t allow you to lose from someone better?

• Do you find it difficult to accept other’s endowment?

• Does your body shiver and you begin to sweat when you are asked questions about you?

If any of the above question’s answer was a Yes, it is clear that you have an issue to deal with. Once you accept the fact, we can move to the next step.

There are many ways in which we can together resolve the Interview Fears Issues: –

First it is important to take feedback from the people you usually interact with. Listen to their opinions about you and learn to take the criticism in a positive manner that will only help you grow. Other thing that can be done in order to get rid of these fears is to challenge yourself every now and then. This can include making new friends and interacting with more people than often.

Interview Fears


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