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Do You Think The Colors You Wear Affect Your Thinking? Let’s Find Out!

They say black brings aggression while red generates passion. Green and blue are said to balance a person’s emotions and efficiency.

Research says yes; colour can absolutely affect your mood, behavior and stress levels. Colour specialist Leatrice Eiseman says how colours affect us correlates to that colours behavior in nature. She explains, “We have a repository of information about a color. For example, the color blue is almost always associated with blue skies, which when we are children is a positive thing – it means playing outside and fun. Evolutionary it also means there are no storms to come. This is why it is reminds us of stability and calm.”

We agree that colours that are visible to our eyes influence our mood, emotions, behavior and hence, actions. But is it wise to take this philosophy too seriously and let it overpower our daily decisions? Is it correct to let anything take advantage of our daily performance?

It has been noticed that many experts, in order to oversimplify, end up over-exaggerating the facts and in turn, instil a sense of fear in the readers. People start doubting themselves because they are not wearing a particular colour. Sometimes, they start blaming their clothes for not being able to get through any task. How silly is that!

AstroRaj suggests:

Don’t Get Carried Away

Don’t accept every advice you receive earnestly. You must tell apart if the source is trusted and eligible enough to guide you. As they say, listen to every kind of opinion you come across, but do what your heart approves of. Ask yourself what your favourite colours are and take a decision based on it.


Color Effect on Human Psychology

Make Smart Shopping Choices

We tend to justify our own shopping purchases by comparing our closets with others. And that’s how we end up spending more than ever, and more frequently. It’s important to remember that everyone has his/her own spectrum when it comes to purpose and ability to spend. We need not copy others. In short, understand the difference in choices between two individuals.

Dress on Purpose

There are days when you want to wear almost every colour present in your wardrobe. Go ahead but be sure of not getting fired away from your job! Wear clothes and colours that soothe down your nerves while at work or during an important meeting. Always make sure you dress according to the occasion.

Your attire should reflect your discipline, commitment and excitement for the occasion that you’re attending. In case you’re attending a wedding or a formal party, suit up in your cocktail attire and choose a three or two piece suit monotone gown. Similarly, for a job interview, choose colours that aren’t too loud for the eyes. You’ve got to make a good first impression which, for the most part, decides that you remain or you leave. On the other hand, during vacations or casual evenings, you can bring out for favourite hues and enjoy wearing them!

Color Numerology

There is much more to dressing than we might imagine. So don’t take the colour therapy too seriously and enjoy what your heart says. In case you want an expert guidance on what and what not to wear at any particular occasion, speak to AstroRaj today! With an experience of more than 15 years, he will be able to guide you on what astrology has to say about various colours and their effects on humans. Call now at +91-8003400999

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