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How To Ensure If My Current Partner Is My ‘Right Partner?’

We often get asked by our clients if their current relationship will ever turn into a permanent bond or if their current partner is their Right Partner.  Everyone’s situation is different and hence, we all need to adopt different approaches in accordance.

You can never control who you fall in love with, it just happens. However, what lies in your hand is the decision to wisely select someone as your life partner.Humans are bound to love one another. If you think you’ve found the love of your life, congratulations! But, if you’re still confused, this blog is for you.

Relationship Problems

Problems in Dating

They say dating is a complicated process. Meeting and getting to know strangers can get exhausting. Sometimes, we take months or years to understand a person and see throughhim/her in order to be sure.

Right Partner or Not

Confusion occurs either when the relationship begins to turn bitter or you don’t feel compatible enough with one another. This can lead to frequent fights between the two partners and eventually, a breakup. If your relationship, too, has started to show these signs, it’s time you re-evaluate everything to know Your Partner is Right Partner or Not.

Physical/Emotional Abuse

Are you a victim of domestic violence? Does your partner use verbal or physical harassment to dominate you? This is a grave issue and one must not ignore this violent behaviour. This is a huge sign for you to rethink about the love that doesn’t exist between the two of you, anymore.

Suffocation Due to Suppression

Do you feel throttled in your relationship? This happens when one partner is forced to follow the rules made by the other one. He/she is supposed to ask for permission when it comes to what to eat, where to go, what to wear, and who to meet. This kills the individuality of the sufferer and hence, damages their self-respect.

Non-Acceptance from the Family

Love and family are the greatest values of our life. How sad is a situation when one denies accepting the other. Well, there are cases where parents of one partner refuse to accept his/her love choice. This could be because of the difference in their castes, religions, financial status or witnessing a problematic career of the partner.

Right Partner

Long-Distance Relationship

A long-distance relationship demands maturity from both the partners. Since you’re not physically present for one another, you must make extra efforts to be available in spirit. As humans, we go through every kind of high and low in our life. To share the joy and despair, we need that special someone or else, the repeated absence can often lead to a sad breakup.

Honestly, not everyone can explain what’s happening in their love life. It needs a certain counselling to understand the root cause and fix it. Sometimes it is our relatives or close friends who have abundant of advice for us, however, we need to understand that it is an expert’s job to evaluate a human’s behaviour and based on it, provide any kind of guidance. If you, too, are seeking an experienced advice, feel free to consult Astro Raj.

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