Mangal Dosh

Mangal Dosh – Will your Marriage Survive or Not?


You are a Manglik and love to a person who is Non-Manglilk. Your family does not allow for this marriage, because they scare for your future. Do you have Mangal Dosh in your Kundli? Generally it predicts placement of Mars and Venus are not on right place in your Birth Chart, which generate Mangal- Dosh. Are you Manglik and looking for same partner, just because you afraid? It has been believed for a long time that due to Manglik Defects, there is a lot of problem in marriage.

Does Non- Manglik Partner is Not Right for You, Will Your Marriage Survive or Not?

Let me clear this thing: – There are chances of cancellation of Mangal-Dosh in your chart, sometimes it depends on partner chart. It’s a general perception that Mars and Venus are if wrongly placed in chat so this is harmful. But you may wonder to know that Mars and Venus are not enemies……………they are complement each other. If they are together they will not good for you … this is wrong prediction. Mars represent to Physical body and Venus represent to (reproduction) Sex. So, Mars and Venus both are necessary for a happy married life.

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Mars gives Benefit in Mangal Dosh: –

It give courage, make bold. Mars make responsible to a person, this type of person fulfills their responsibilities any how! Mars also give good position. So, Mangal Dosh does not give bad result in every kundli. Our Astrologer Astro-Raj is known to serve many Manglik people in the past with his curative astrological solution by properly analyzing their horoscope.

So Mangal Dosh can be overcome easily, if you need only one right guidance that you can get from any experienced astrologer. There are also very simple and Easy Ways to Remove Manglik Dosha which can solve your problem. You can Contact us for Your Detailed Kundali Analysis: +91-8003400999

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