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In this era of love, lust, and fake trust Face Reading is a good option to know the truth about someone. There are hundreds of people we meet in a week or month but can we trust everyone, you will clearly say no. That’s right; in the old times the monks have powers to recognize the intentions of a person by face reading or palm reading. We bring here some aspects of Face Reading for you by whom you can understand what Face Reading is and how you can know the intention of someone by simple face reading.

What is Face Reading?

Face Reading is a technique by which you can discover the unexplored truth about someone. Expression of face shows what anyone is thinking internally. From the ancient times Face Reading was a trustful method to know the truth about someone. Face Reading determines one’s personality, character, and preferences by an analysis of the structure of the face.

What Your Face Tells about You?

Top of the Forehead – This portion of the Face tells about Parents and the Relationship with them.
The Forehead – This portion of the face tells about Career and Success.
Eyebrows: The eyebrow tells about your life.
Eye to Nose: This portion indicates how your life will go in the middle age of the life.
Below the Eyes: The lower area of the eyes shows about the love and emotional aspects of the life.
Area between Nose and Upper Lip: This groovy area shows the fertility and children related aspects of your life.
Chin: The Chin indicates about your happiness after 60 years old age.
Face Shapes: Round Shape, Oblong Shape, Triangular Shape, Square Shape, Rectangular Shape, and Oval Shape. All these face shapes indicates the character and desires of a person.
Jaw line: The Jaw line decides the values of a person.
Ears: The Affection, Manners, Qualities, and Determination all these things are calculated by the shape of ears.
Shape of Nose: Shape of Nose shows the Commanding Power, Determination, and Pride of a person.
Cheeks: Your cheeks tell about your area of interest.
Shape of Lips: Shape of Lips is symbol of your nature or behavior.
Teeth: Counting and Shape of your Teeth shows your financial status.

These are some simple points you can consider of face reading hence Face Reading is really a big concept. To get the Face Reading Services in Jaipur you can book an appointment with Astro-Raj by Call or Whatsapp: +91-8003400999

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