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What Stops You From Applying For Your Dream Job? Let’s Find Out

Today, almost everyone around us seems unhappy with his job. We’re seeking something better but don’t know what. We’re trying to break the monotonous cycle but can’t see the way out. Believe it or not, these are the signs for you to make a shift and be a part of the job you have always desired in your heart. We’ve figured out few reasons explaining what keeps us away from our Dream Job.

What Stops You From Applying For Your Dream Job

1. You haven’t yet Recognized your Talent/Passion:

Don’t assume that only youngsters who are fresh out of school are in dilemma regarding their career path. Most adults in their 30s and 40s are also confused when asked about their field interest.

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2. You Suffer from a Fear of Failure:

And even if you’ve figured out your talent/passion, you haven’t been able to make a move towards it. Reason – your fear to fail. You keep waiting for years to collect money or experience so you can be fully equipped before venturing into something totally new. At that, you have many doubts inside your head and are always asking yourself the question – ‘what if?’

3. You Lack Awareness:

Imagine you know what is it that you want to do for the rest of your life; however you’re not fully skilled. A lack of awareness can close your way to happiness. It is important to study the field well and gain knowledge of the problem areas. This also involves interacting with people who are already holding some experienced in the same field.

4. You Lack Education:

Maybe the career you want to take up needs a particular degree or educational edge that you’re currently lacking. To hone one’s skills is never a bad idea, after all. Sadly, the educational course needs heavy funds which are currently short of. Is that the case with you?

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