Good Smell

Why We Need a Good Smell?

Sometimes, in this technological age, we forget that we navigate our lives using our five senses. Primal and instinctive, they are more powerful in shaping perception of the world than any smart technology. However sophisticated we become, scent, taste, sound, touch, and sight shape the way we feel about people, places and products every moment of every day.

Sight is the sense on which we most obviously rely. Evolution has honed our abilities to see such that more of the human brain is used for processing images than any other sense. Not really surprising, given our daily dependence on visual information. Hearing too has come to the fore, though not as acute as many animals. We’re busy processing audio signals from multiple sources on our journeys through hectic lives.

But have you ever caught a waft of fragrance in the air and been immediately transported to a time or place from long ago? Suddenly you’re touring a market in Marrakech, are a child in the kitchen watching your mother cook or exploring a vast pine wood. You can almost feel the wind in the trees and hear the crunch of needles underfoot. For a moment it feels as real as the original experience, such is the power of smell.

Why We Need a Good Smell:

Ours is a society in which touch is neglected as people retreat into their own spaces. Smell is something to be controlled, neutralised and even, in the more urbanised environments – removed. Sensory experiences bring people pleasure as well as information. A touch can be intimate, or just reassuring, make you feel loved and successful (the building blocks of human well-being). Smell can uplift and trigger an energy boost or be a soothing cue to relax. To understand the value of fragrance you just have to imagine life without it. If the links between fragrance and feelings can be unraveled, a new generation of products will bring sensory as well as functional benefits to make people feel better.

The Power of Good Smell:

The power of fragrance to move us is a phenomenon that we’re only beginning to fully appreciate. In modern time our generation is misguided by visual and audio advertisements. Even love, how our senses respond to each other. Finding your soul mate is only partially a question of intellectual or physical attraction. It’s probably more a meeting of chemical signals emitted through the skin. Romantic isn’t it?

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