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Designer Dhoop Batti Stand

Product Code: PI-26

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  • Weight: 1
  • Made in India
  • Color: Golden
  • Condition: New
  • Suitable For: Pooja and Festivals
  • Quality: Brass
  • Type: Tower Shape

This beautiful dhoop batti stand is fabricated with pure brass material. 6 inch tall cylinderical tower shape dhoop batti stand with an ash holder to fit at the base of this dhoop batti stand. This dhoop batti stand spread smoke of dhoop from the elegent flower shapes carved on it.


1 Images of fragrant smoke escaping from Dhoop and diffusing into the air bring back cherished memories of festival spent with family and friends In India Dhoop incense is an integral part of our lives

2 Most businesses open with the burning of a few of incense sticks and Dhoop not only as an offering to God but also to dispel the must smell of a closed space However the ash which incense leaves behind is some thing all of us could do without The Golden Brass Agarbatti Stand Holder is the solution to problems posed by incense burning

3 This elegant Dhoop agarbatti stand is fabricated from Golden Brass Standing 75 inches tall it has a cylindrical tower which fits over a base which not only holds the incense sticks up right but also serves as an ash bowl

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