Giloy Stem Powder

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  • Made in: India
  • Form: Powder
  • Maximum Shelf Life: 3 Years
  • Uses: Medicine, Face Pack
  • Weight: 500 Gm
  • Ideal For: Reduces Stress and Anxiety, Treats Diabetes
  • Brand: Astro-Raj
  • Quality: Premium Quality
  • Care Info: Keep away from childerns
  • Shipping Method: Free

Giloy Powder - an ancient herb powder made from the Guduchi root. If you are suffering from any kind of skin disease, your grandma will surely advise you have Giloy powder. Giloy powder can be consumed as a decoction with water. Some people consume this powder with jaggery.

1. Anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Anti-spasmodic property.

3. Astringent effect.

4. Rejuvenating herb.

5. Adaptogenic effect.

  1. Can treat general weakness and debility.
  2. Helpful in preventing swine flu.
  3. Can treat skin related problems and several allergies.
  4. Reduces overall pain.
  5. Enhances memory and reduces stress.
  6. Can treat digestive problems such as excessive thirst, loss of appetite.
  7. The remedy for sexual debility, diabetes, and anemia.

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