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Gurmar Leaf Powder

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  • Quality: Pure Herbal Gurmar Leaf Powder, Gurmar Booti

Gurmar Leaf Powder Booti - Ayurveda is the ancient science of healthy living based on nature gift of herbs. Gurmar consists of two words Gur and Mar. Gur stands for Jaggery and Mar stands for Killing in hindi language. So the herb which kills the sweet taste is known as Gurmar. It is said that when you chew the powder of Gurmar you will lose the sensation of sweet taste. High quality powder of wild crafted herbs from its natural habitat with out chemicals, fertilizer & pesticides. The major bioactive ingredient of Gurmar is gymnemic acid. It has anti sweetener and anti inflammatory properties.


1. Gurnar Leaf Powder has hypoglycemic properties.

2. This herb Supports healthy cholesterol levels.

3. Gurmar Booti Helps maintain the metabolic activities of liver, kidney and spleen.

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