Sendha Namak Stone

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  • Made in: India
  • Form: Stone
  • Maximum Shelf Life: 3 Years
  • Uses: Food, removes the dirt from hair, Body Scrub
  • Weight: 500 Gm
  • Ideal For: Skin, Hair and Overall Health
  • Package Contents: 1
  • Brand: astro-raj
  • Quality: Premium Quality
  • Care Info: Keep in Dry and Cool Place
  • Shipping Method: Free

Sendha Namak Stone or Himalayan Rock Salt is also known as Pink Rock Salt because of its distinctive pale pink color. Rock salt can be used as teeth whitener as well as mouth freshener. You can also gargle with rock salt water. Rock salt can also be used for several beauty purposes as well such as getting rid of the dead skin cells from the body and face. If your nails have turned yellow or have discoloration then rock salt can help you regain the lost colour and shine of your nails. Add the Himalayan Rock Salt to your daily food or as a seasoning to vegetables, meats etc and taste the original flavours of this unique ingredient.

  • Best Natural Healer Himalayan Sal
  • Use for Food, removes the dirt from hair, Body Scrub

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